It's another one of those rules of the road that so many seem to get confused by. When one person gets it wrong, it starts a chain reaction of confusion.

We know this pattern all too well in New Jersey. Just think about our freeways and highways with multiple lanes.

In particular, the left lane. How often are we traveling along when suddenly there's a backup forming in the left lane?

Not only that, but others traveling in the left lane are trying to cut out into the slower lanes. As a result, it messes up the entire flow of traffic for everyone.

And what's the reason for it? Somebody not knowing the rules of the highway. In other words, they don't understand the concept of the passing lane.

On the flip side, we also have those who don't know the correct way to drive in the right lane. It's called a slow lane for a reason.

The same kind of confusion also happens on our local, smaller roads. Think of a 4-way intersection, for example, where everyone must stop.

If all vehicles approaching the intersection know how to navigate it, then it's smooth sailing. But the moment that one person who's clueless comes along, confusion occurs for all drivers.

So if you're one of those drivers who gets confused at these 4-way stops, then this message is for you. A quick guide reviewing how to navigate a 4-way intersection, followed by a special note just for you.

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It shouldn't be that difficult, but yet it is. A brief look at the rules followed by a note for those who don't know what to do at these intersections.

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