I have to say, I've been disappointed with the direction Major League Baseball has been heading. But not over what you might think.

MLB over the past several years has been looking for ways to make the game play quicker. The most notable change to address that is the pitch clock.

Now I have to say, I am a fan of that change. I think the play has gotten much more exciting ever since they implemented the clock, and I welcome that.

Opening weekend, for example, I took my sons to their very first Mets game at Citi Field. Although the Mets lost, they still had a fantastic time.

So the changes they made to the gameplay I have no issues with. Unlike some baseball fans, I welcome it (Well, not the 2nd base rule for extra innings).


Can't watch anymore

The big problem I have when it comes to MLB isn't about any individual team but about the organization as a whole. More specifically, how I watch the games.

Big Joe Henry talked about this last year, and I couldn't agree more with him (see his thoughts here). The sheer complication of apps and blackouts is making it very difficult to keep my kids interested in the sport at home.

It's almost as if they don't want younger fans to follow their favorite teams unless we pay a premium for tons of different apps. Not only can it get expensive to pay for so many apps just to watch the games, but I also don't know what apps the games are playing on for any individual day.

There was one Mets game my son and I really wanted to watch at home, but couldn't because of those ridiculous blackout rules they have in place. I'm already paying extra to have these apps, but I guess I have to cough up even more to get around the restriction.

TSM Illustration
TSM Illustration

NJ businesses hate it

So when we realized we couldn't watch the game at home, we decided to head down to our local pub to catch the game there. After settling in and ordering our food, we noticed the Mets game my son wanted to watch wasn't on any of the TVs.

I asked the bartender if we could get it on and he said no problem. However, because of the restrictions, even he couldn't get the game on. And, the bar has every app and option imaginable so they can air all sports.

It's honestly ridiculous, and a disappointment to my son. A young baseball fan who wants to get more into it and follow his favorite team.

Not to mention, the Mets were playing at home that weekend. I just don't get how a home game being played across the river has a regional blackout.


Go back to networks

Look, if MLB wants to grow a younger fan base, complicating how to watch the games isn't the way to do it. Yes, the faster gameplay is definitely better, but what good is it if you make it difficult to watch games in the first place?

Please, go back to the networks and keep it simple. I'm sure most in New Jersey would appreciate it.

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