The most recent list of top baby names has arrived from the Social Security Administration. And as one might expect, there's been a few changes since the last release.

When it comes to New Jersey, we're only somewhat in step with the United States as a whole. Yes, some names appear on both lists, but not all of them ranked as well nationally as they did in The Great Garden State.

Probably the most fascinating part about following baby names is how the trends change over time. What might be popular today might not have even made the top of the list 10 or 20 years ago.

Before we get into New Jersey's list, let's first take a look at the official list of top baby names in The United States for 2023.


Top-10 boy names in the U.S.

  1. Liam

  2. Noah

  3. Oliver

  4. James

  5. Elijah

  6. Mateo         (#11 in 2022)

  7. Theodore   (#10 in 2022)

  8. Henry           (#7 in 2022)

  9. Lucas           (#8 in 2022)

  10. William        (#6 in 2022)


Top-10 girl names in the U.S.

  1. Olivia

  2. Emma

  3. Charlotte

  4. Amelia

  5. Sophia

  6. Mia               (#8 in 2022)

  7. Isabella        (#6 in 2022)

  8. Ava               (#7 in 2022)

  9. Evelyn

  10. Luna

Baby names with baby blocks and letters

National trends

For the second year in a row, the top five names for both boys and girls across the country have gone unchanged, with Liam and Olivia remaining the number one names in America.

As for top-10, the only big change for girls was Mia moving from #8 to #6, forcing both Isabella and Ava to drop one spot. The changes were a little more extreme when it came to boys, with Benjamin moving from #9 in 2022 to completely dropping off the top 10 in 2023.

With that said, here are the top baby names that are trending right now in New Jersey, followed by those that are losing popularity as we head into 2024.

It's official: These are New Jersey's top baby names of 2023

The Social Security Administration has released the most recent list of top baby names in the United States in 2023 (updated May 2024). Here's a look at those specific to New Jersey.

Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

Baby Names Losing Popularity In 2024

Baby Names Going Extinct In 2024

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