🚁A warning indicator light went on forcing a landing at Middletown High School North

🚁The pilot was the only one on board

🚁No students were on the athletic field at the time of the landing


MIDDLETOWN — A helicopter made an emergency landing in back of a Monmouth County high school on Thursday morning.

Middletown police spokesman Paul Bailey told New Jersey 101.5 that a warning indicator light went on around 9:30 a.m. forcing the chopper to land in a field at Middletown High School North. The pilot of the helicopter, owned by Zip Aviation of Caldwell, determined the field would be the safest place to land.

There were no children in the field or outdoors at the time of the landing. Bailey said only the pilot was on board the helicopter. The identify of the pilot was not disclosed.

"This incident is obviously an unusual one. Our school’s faculty and staff acted swiftly to confirm that no students or other personnel were harmed," Middletown Township Public Schools Superintendent Jessica Alfone said in a statement. "The incident had no impact on class scheduling, and we are not anticipating any interference with dismissal or after school activities. We are thankful that the pilot was not harmed.”

Map showing Middletown HIgh School North
Map showing Middletown HIgh School North (Canva)

According to the district calendar, students in 9th, 10th and 12th grades were on a delayed opening Thursday.

Bailey said New Jersey State Police notified the FAA and the NTSB about the incident.

Bob Williams and Dan Zarrow contributed to this report.

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