One of our stops this weekend was at the Freehold VFW in Monmouth County. The club is on a fantastic piece of property adjacent to the Monmouth County Sheriff's Complex which includes the county jail.

I mention that because it occurred to me that the guys in the jail waiting for their day in court must go crazy when the vets fire up the grill and start serving burgers and dogs to hungry attendees at their regular events.

Of course, I back the blue and believe we need to fill those cells, but almost cruel and unusual punishment to be in jail and have the BBQ smell wafting through the cell, knowing you won't be tasting that for a long time.

The grills were certainly fired up for this weekend as the veterans stood together to welcome a young man on a mission.

Stephen Parks is just 11 years old but he is focused on supporting our vets today and joining the Marine Corps when he's old enough. It was truly inspiring to meet this young man and his family after they walked 7 miles with American and US Military flags to raise money for local veterans.

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(Photo Credit: Bill Spadea's Common Sense Club)
(Photo Credit: Bill Spadea's Common Sense Club)

His goal was to raise $250. After the walk, donations topped $1,100.

In a time where patriotism is not taught nor celebrated in our schools, it was inspiring to meet a young man who has cut through all the American-hating, woke propaganda to stand proud for our country and our veterans.

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