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Note for the reader: The Shore Sports Network All-Division Teams and Awards were determined by Basketball Editor Matt Manley based on stats, first-hand accounts, input from the coaches and impact on the respective players' teams. 

Class A North

Player of the Year: Jayden Holmes-Cotter, St., Forward, Freehold Township

Coach of the Year: James Reuter, Marlboro

First Team

Jayden Holmes-Cotter, Sr., Forward, Freehold Township

Malachi Harris, Sr., Guard, Freehold Township

Alex Frank, Sr., Guard, Marlboro

Justin Fuerbacher, So., Forward, Christian Brothers Academy

Will Bradley, Sr., Guard, Christian Brothers Academy

Anthony Leger, Jr., Guard, Manalapan


Second Team

D.J. Orloff, Jr., Forward, Howell

Joe White, Sr., Forward, Christian Brothers Academy

Peter Noble, Jr., Guard, Christian Brothers Academy

Damien Padilla, Sr., Forward, Howell

Jake Buchman, Sr., Guard, Manalapan

Steven Scimone, Jr., Guard, Marlboro


Third Team

Chris Meehan, Jr., Guard, Howell

Sohan Eleti, Sr., Guard, Marlboro

Dan Elmasri, Jr., Guard, Marlboro

Dylan Sullivan, Sr., Guard, Manalapan

Brave Haugh, Jr., Forward, Marlboro

Nick Cardone, So., Guard, Freehold Township


Class A Central

Player of the Year: Jack O'Leary, Sr., Forward, Raritan

Coach of the Year: Denis Caruano, Raritan

First Team

Jack O’Leary, Sr., Forward, Raritan

Chauncey Brown, So., Guard, Matawan

Jayden Elijah, So., Forward, Matawan

Ben Kipnis, Jr., Guard, Holmdel

Nick Seeloch, Jr., Guard, Holmdel

Connor Howard, Sr., Guard, St. John Vianney


Second Team

Mike Diller, Sr., Guard, Raritan

Colin Haluska, Sr., Guard, Matawan

Bruce Gooding, Sr., Guard, Long Branch

Billy Tigar, Sr., Guard, Raritan

Emanuel Domingo, Jr., Forward, St. John Vianney

Brian Tassey, So., Forward, Freehold Boro


Third Team

Jack Coleman, Sr., Forward, Raritan

Christian DiGiso, Jr., Guard, Freehold Boro

Matt Agar, Sr., Forward, Raritan

Amir Martinez, So., Guard, Matawan

Kyle Verriest, Sr., Guard, St. John Vianney

Aidan Ur, So., Guard, St. John Vianney


Class A South

Player of the Year: Josh Michigan, Sr., Guard, Brick Memorial

Coach of the Year: Rory Caswell, Toms River North

First Team

Josh Michigan, Sr., Guard, Brick Memorial

Micah Ford, Jr., Guard, Toms River North

Samir Padilla, Sr., Guard, Jackson Memorial

Owen Baker, Jr., Guard, Toms River North

Respect Tyleek, Sr., Guard, Jackson Memorial

Tom Menegus, Sr., Forward, Southern


Second Team

Delani Hyde, Sr., Forward, Toms River North

Dorian Alston, Sr., Forward, Brick Memorial

Dylan Russell, Sr., Forward, Toms River East

Pat Gaffney, Sr., Guard, Southern

Keith Adame, Sr., Guard, Jackson Memorial

Brian Starrett, Sr., Guard, Brick Memorial


Third Team

Caden Schubiger, Jr., Guard, Southern

Jason McKelvey, Jr., Forward, Toms River East

Tareq Council, Jr., Forward, Toms River North

Kai Barckley, Jr., Guard, Toms River South

Steven Scorsone, Jr., Guard, Toms River East

Jordan Jones, Jr., Guard, Toms River South


Class B North

Player of the Year: Dylan Csik, Sr., Guard, Middletown South

Coach of the Year: Jimmy Cranwell, Middletown South

First Team

Dylan Csik, Sr., Guard, Middletown South

Pat Brown, Sr., Guard, Middletown South

Will Surdez, Sr., Guard/Forward, Colts Neck

Luke Schorr, So., Guard, Rumson-Fair Haven

Tyler Burnham, Jr., Center, Red Bank Catholic

Volodymyr Trotsko, So., Forward, Colts Neck


Second Team

Nick Valentino, Sr., Forward, Red Bank

Ryan Prior, So., Forward, Red Bank Catholic

Colin Cavanaugh, Jr., Guard, Red Bank Catholic

Nick Rigby, Jr., Guard, Rumson-Fair Haven

Collin Teter, Sr., Forward, Red Bank

Mike Belcher, Jr., Forward, Colts Neck


Third Team

Braydon Kirkpatrick, Jr., Guard, Red Bank

Will Nugent, Jr., Forward, Middletown South

Mason Yablonski, Sr., Guard, Rumson-Fair Haven

Jason Quardt, Jr., Guard, Middletown North

Luke Mikolajczak, Sr., Forward, Rumson-Fair Haven

Matt Sliva, Sr., Guard, Middletown South


Class B Central

Player of the Year: Kevin Burns, Sr., Guard, Point Pleasant Beach

Coach of the Year: Ed Goodman, Point Pleasant Beach

First Team

Kevin Burns, Sr., Guard, Point Pleasant Beach

Max Judson, Sr., Forward, Keyport

Davon Foster, Sr., Guard, Asbury Park

Mike Ford, Jr., Guard, Keyport

Jack Fitzpatrick, So., Guard, Henry Hudson

Kyle Kolans, Sr., Guard, Point Pleasant Beach


Second Team

Terrek Mimes, Sr., Guard, Keyport

Shaborn Goodman, Sr., Guard, Asbury Park

Jax Ross, Sr., Guard, Henry Hudson

Mike Alonso, Sr., Guard, Keansburg

Jacob Edgecomb, Fr., Guard, Point Pleasant Beach

Jaheim Hill, Sr., Forward, Keansburg


Third Team

John Coakley, Jr., Forward, Point Pleasant Beach

Stephen Seaman, Sr., Forward, Point Pleasant Beach

Jordan Bey, Sr., Forward, Keansburg

Jai’Sun Brown, Sr., Forward, Asbury Park

Mike Nichols, Jr., Guard, Keyport

Luke Jaccodine, Sr., Forward, Henry Hudson


Class B South

Player of the Year: Jaycen Santucci, So., Guard, Central

Coach of the Year: Mike Clemente, Central

First Team

Jaycen Santucci, So., Guard, Central

Miles Chevalier, Jr., Guard, Central

Chris Venturoso, Sr., Forward, Lacey

Evan Weiner, Sr., Forward, Manchester

Troy Buxton, Sr., Guard, Lacey

Jamari Smith, Jr., Guard, Barnegat


Second Team

John Truhan, Sr., Guard, Central

Dylan Hall, Sr., Guard, Lacey

Aidan Lunn, So., Forward, Manchester

Ryan Fitzgerald, Sr., Forward, Lacey

Brandon Farber, Sr., Forward, Brick

Josh Love, Jr., Guard, Manchester


Third Team

Cole Toddings, So., Forward, Barnegat

Alex Jenkoski, Sr., Guard, Brick

Jordan Barbot, Jr., Guard, Central

Ty Kline, So., Guard, Pinelands

Gerald Newsome, Jr., Guard, Pinelands

Nick Verdesco, Sr., Guard, Brick


Class C North

Player of the Year: Darius Adams, So., Guard, Manasquan

Coach of the Year: Andrew Bilodeau, Manasquan

First Team

Darius Adams, So., Guard, Manasquan

Matt Hodge, Jr., Forward, St. Rose

Isaac Hester, Sr., Guard, Ranney

Ryan Frauenheim, Jr., Guard, Manasquan

Jahlil Bethea, Sr., Guard, Ranney

Shane Ryan, Sr., Guard, Point Pleasant Boro


Second Team

Jayden Hodge, Fr., Guard, St. Rose

Drew Buck, Jr., Guard, Ranney

Griffin Linstra, So., Forward, Manasquan

Bryan Ebeling, So., Guard, St. Rose

Gio Panzini, Jr., Forward, St. Rose

Peter Mauro, So., Guard, St. Rose


Third Team

Evan Romano, So., Guard, St. Rose

Stephen Mellett, Sr., Forward, Point Pleasant Boro

Alex Konov, Jr., Forward, Manasquan

Jack Dettlinger, Sr., Forward, Manasquan

Jake Venturoso, Jr., Guard, Point Pleasant Boro

Daniel Charles, Sr., Guard, Neptune


Class C South

Player of the Year: Zayier Dean, So., Guard, Ocean

Coach of the Year: Erik Mazur, Shore

First Team

Zayier Dean, So., Guard, Ocean

Alex George, Jr., Guard, Shore

Ta’haj Wiggins, Sr., Forward, Monmouth

Liam Gajewski, Sr., Guard, Shore

Ron Richardson, So., Forward, Ocean

Pete Farlekas, Sr., Forward, Donovan Catholic


Second Team

Brian Farrell, Sr., Guard, Donovan Catholic

Donovan Hughes, Sr., Guard, Shore

Derrick Marsh, Sr., Guard, Lakewood

T.J. Thomasson, Sr., Forward, Monmouth

Brandon Loughlin, Sr., Forward, Ocean

Jayson King, So., Guard, Jackson Liberty


Third Team

Brett Sweeney, Sr., Guard, Shore

James Curley, So., Guard, Monmouth

Ryan Jacobs, So., Guard, Donovan Catholic

Jake Bauer, Sr., Guard, Monmouth

Dylan Teopaco, Jr., Guard, Jackson Liberty

Keith Allen, Jr., Guard, Ocean


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