A police officer in South Carolina is being praised by his department and animal lovers after he scooped up an adorable kitten that had been discarded in the trash.

How The Kitten Was Found

The North Charleston Police Department recently shared the story of officer Dontavis Jones, who was not even on duty when he discovered a kitten in a trash bin. The department called it an "unexpected discovering" in its Facebook post regarding the incident.

"Demonstrating compassion, officer Jones brought the tiny feline to the Charleston Animal Society for a health check," the department shared.

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The check-up showed that even though the kitten was frail, it was still in decent health. He was later put up for adoption.

He wouldn't be available to adopt for very long.

"Touched by the kitten's plight, officer Jones made a heartwarming decision to adopt the little one," the department said. "He lovingly named the kitten Tabby Rashard Jones, welcoming him as a new family member."


Kitten's Rescue Leads To More Heartwarming Cat Stories

The North Charleston Police Department has been flooded with comments after sharing how Jones rescued the kitten from a trash bin on social media. Many are sharing their own heartwarming stories of how cats came into their lives.

"Thanks for saving this little fluffy," Lisa Cordray Easterling commented. "I found my cat Oreo at the car wash near Rivers and Remount 12+ years ago. He was probably 6-8 weeks old at the time. Cats make the best pets."

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Like Easterling, Cathy Murphy also was quick to share a photo of her cat with the department.

"She was about 4 months old when I found her walking around my car in a shopping center," Murphy explained. "It took me 4 days to try to catch her and finally purchased a trap. She's living her best life now."

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