You won't catch me shopping for hats in thrift stores.

Nope, it's not because I have any phobias about cleanliness or wearing second-hand hats. It's just that my head is, well, larger than average. Think "news anchor head." So, when I see something labeled "one size fits all," I can't help but chuckle.

So when this vintage hat popped up in my Instagram feed, I thought to myself, "That looks like it might actually fit me!"

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Ladies, gentlemen, and all fast-food-themed promotional clothing fans, I present to you...

The Big Mac Hat

I know—stunning. As you can see, it's taller than your average baseball cap, probably designed to hold all that fabulously wavy and tall '80s hair. The "Mac" hat is styled to resemble that iconic '80s lunch and dinner delight—the Big Mac. You could literally wear your burger and eat it too.

Where Can I Get a Big Mac Hat?

Don't go thinking you can roll up to the Micky D's drive-thru and order a birthday cake with a side of burger cap because this awesome item no longer exists.

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Turns out the hats were for a 1984 promotion to promote the Big Mac, and while employees got them for free, you could have snagged one for yourself for the very '80s price of 99 cents (with the purchase of a Big Mac, large fries and a drink).

Big Mac Hats on eBay
Heat Vision Marketplace/joshschwartz216 via eBay

If you're craving a Big Mac hat today, you'll need to check out where all the cool '80s merch hangs out: eBay. Seller Heat Vision Marketplace (left) has one for a hefty $239.99 (though that one looks a bit different, so maybe it's more collectible). Meanwhile, joshschwartz216 (right) takes it down a notch for a slightly more reasonable $125.

Hurry up because you know a hipster has this in their cart right this second.

If You Are Hungry for More Retro Promo Merch...

Hats off to Instagram @consumertc for getting all the merch nerds up in a frenzy when his post about the Big Mac Hat went a bit viral. Bobby Beauchesne, the man behind the account, fancies himself a McDonald's super collector and was even profiled in the Boston Globe.

Bobby has dedicated 15 years to collecting McDonald's memorabilia, including Happy Meal boxes, paper tray liners, and 10,000 pages of original concept art for Happy Meal toys.

His collection, housed in two rooms, three closets, and a storage unit, is considered one of the best in the world, and he travels extensively to acquire unique items from fellow collectors.

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