The organizer behind the wildly viral Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow, Scotland is telling his side of the story.

Following numerous viral videos from the experience, including reports from attendees that they only received a piece of candy and a cup of lemonade, Billy Coull said he received "hundreds and hundreds" of hate comments, per E! News.

The House of Illuminati director and creator of the event spoke out in a Channel 5 special titled Wonka: The Scandal That Rocked Britain on March 6 and said that his life has been "ruined" by the failed venture.

"I have lost my friends. I've lost the love of my life. I was made out to be the face of all evil. And genuinely, that's really not the case," Coull revealed.

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"I was gutted. But I believed that we could push on," he said of mishaps leading up to the event such as booking a too-large venue and missing projection equipment.

"The last thing I wanted to see was children to be upset," he added, noting that he behaved as the "worst versions" of himself at the time.

"I was sick to the pit of my tummy. I was hoping for an event that would be joyful, happy. I wanted people to experience happiness," he went on.

In reality, the event had barely begun before police were called to the venue due to customers demanding refunds after arriving at the scam-like event.

While advertising had promised "interactive adventures" and "sweet delights and confections" for the price of around $44 per ticket, what customers were met with was a barely decorated warehouse and AI-generated scripts performed by amateur actors.

Per E!, Coull confirmed that he did use AI on the scripts, but only for "spelling and continuity of the lines."

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