Waffle House has a reputation for wild incidents, and this viral video of a fight is no different.

The internet is obsessed with the way the Waffle House employee seen in the video easily deflects a chair thrown at her during a fight.

Watch below:

"An underrated part of this video is the other employee quickly ducking when the chair was thrown. You have to be able to do stunts to work at Waffle House," one Twitter user who shared the video tweeted.

"She caught a chair flying toward her head with one hand, spinned that s--- on her finger like a harlem globetrotter, and deflected it away all in one motion. She seriously could get the bag as a stunt person or WWE career... something. That was entertaining as f---," someone else replied to the tweet.

The video, which is reportedly from September 2021, also made its way to TikTok in late December, where it went viral as well.

"Waffle House is the unsung hero of the interstate ... This is a public prison kitchen. There's a riot going on right now ... You see how she Chuck Norris-ed that chair? Do you see that?" one TikTok user said, showing footage from the fight.

"Waffle House employees are the Navy Seals of breakfast restaurants’ employees," one person commented on the clip.

"Waffle House interview: Can U fight??" another commenter joked.

"They should send prospective SEALs to train at Waffle House," someone else wrote.

On Dec. 29, 2022, the employee, identified as Halie, resurfaced in a YouTube video to address the viral incident and its aftermath.

"It's sad. There's no security guards. There are guns that get pulled at Waffle House. There's bullet holes in some Waffle Houses that I've worked at. It's not safe at night, so we have to do what we can," she shared after explaining that she was defending herself.

She also described how she caught the chair, which "bounced off" her arm.

"When I left they had told me, 'You're always welcome at this store, Halie, you're good.' But I was blacklisted. I can't ever work for Waffle House again," she continued.

Watch her full video, below:

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