On Reddit, a dad is being slammed for refusing to drive his 11-year-old daughter to school after she got bullied by a cruel boy on the bus.

"In her own words, [the bully] called her fat, piggy, ugly, wh--e, etc.," the dad wrote in his Reddit post.

After the young girl told her parents what was happening, the man's wife asked him to drive their daughter to school. However, he refused, even though he has enough time to take her without it impeding on his work schedule.

"Even though I have a big enough time window to take my daughter to school I insisted that she rode on the bus so that she would have her own independence. She made friends on the bus and enjoyed taking it after just a few weeks. Suddenly though a boy that rides the same bus started picking on her," he wrote.

"I explained that she needs to face on bullies instead of finding an easy out by me taking her," he added.

The dad shared that his wife "got mad at me and accused me of only wanting to sleep in and not taking it serious enough," but he insists he just wants his daughter to be strong.

"I love my daughter and I don’t want her to be called names but I don’t think she should have an easy solution that won’t require her to make her own decisions," he concluded.

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In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the dad for forcing his daughter to ride the bus with her bully, with one calling him a "pathetic excuse for a father."

"This isn't about her keeping her independence. This is about allowing an 11-year-old child to navigate being bullied alone. She took the biggest step in coming to you as her parents, adults she should be able to trust to help her and protect her, to get help. Not to be left to fend for herself because her pathetic excuse for a 'father' is too emotionally stunted to help her," one user wrote.

"Dude, your 11-year-old is being called a WH--E, and you're doing f--k all about it? What a waste of a parent," another commented.

"You rather let your daughter be called a 'wh--e' than take her to school where she can be safe being taken. Do you not realize how this will affect your daughter in the future? Stop the bullying, don't be a part of it," someone else weighed in.

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