Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine had a wholesome reaction to hearing her song during the new Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

On May 8, Welch shared a TikTok video showing her reacting to the moment her band's massive 2008 hit "Dog Days Are Over" plays during the movie.

The singer appears surprised as she bursts into tears of joy while someone records her reaction.

Watch Florence's reaction, below.

Warning: Video contains plot-related audio spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

"So I cried all the way through this movie but when the Guardians of the Galaxy started dancing to 'Dog Days...' I really lost it. Thank you so much for all the love for this moment. The superhero obsessed little girl in me can’t believe it happened," Welch captioned the clip.

"DOG DAYS IS IN GUARDIANS?? this has sold my ticket," one fan commented under the TikTok video, while another shared that it put the "biggest smile" on their face.

"The moment I heard the start of the song I yelled FLORENCE in the middle of the cinema hahahaha," another wrote.

Many fans revealed they shared a similar reaction to hearing the song in the film.

"I was not expecting this song at the end, made me cry even more!" one fan commented.

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"I was hysterically sobbing during this scene because they played dog days," someone else wrote.

"I had already cried 10 times and when I heard this song begin I went in for the 11th cry. It means so much to me and it’s such a perfect ending," another shared.

Others noted that the song choice was "perfect" for the scene, which depicts the Guardians dancing joyfully to the song.

"Dog Days Are Over" is off the English indie-rock band's 2009 debut album, Lungs.

Watch Florence and the Machine's "Dog Days Are Over" Music Video:

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