A woman on Reddit says she regrets naming her daughter after a cousin who had an affair with her husband, ultimately breaking up her marriage.

The story was shared in a Reddit post asking users if they had any regrets about naming their children.

"Since they've reverted back to their birth name, this question is relevant to me again. My second kid, I named after my sister and two cousins: Linda Margaret Anne," the woman wrote.

"All was well and good... until my ex-husband had an affair with my cousin Margaret and ended our marriage to be with her," she continued.

"I mean, good riddance and all, but it's kinda awkward to use the name in casual conversation. Both Linda and Margaret are first names, and I'd gotten into the habit of using them both when they were still quite young," the woman added.

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In the comments, Reddit users offered the mom sympathy and shared similar stories.

"This is why I refuse to name my children after anyone still living. You never know what could happen or come to light," one person wrote.

A"My mom is named for her aunt... then my father ended up having an affair with said aunt's daughter (when my mom was pregnant with me and her cousin was 16). My parents eventually divorced, my father married my mom's cousin and I have two siblings who are somehow more than half and less than full siblings. My grandpa and his sister lived next to each other until their passing but didn't talk to each other for more than 20 years. So yeah, it can get kind of awkward," another user shared.

"I was given my moms best friend's name as a middle name which was all fine until my dad had an affair with her. It’s awkward to anyone who knows that I have the name of my dad's mistress. The first syllable of the name is my grandma's middle name, so I am thinking about changing it to just be that. I don’t think I’d consider naming a child after someone for this reason," someone else commented.

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