Ah, Gordon Ramsey, the British celebrity chef known 'round the world for his rude wisecracks and insults, aggressiveness, profanity, and sometimes controversial comments and temper. Yet, he has a following because of the mushy side inside of him that comes out as well.

Call it a passion for food that comes off as being a jerk or call it show business, either way, he's the most followed chef on Instagram with lots of reality television shows that garner record ratings and fans.

One of his most popular as I'm sure you know is Hell's Kitchen and according to Tasting Table after 20 seasons in Los Angeles, a couple in Las Vegas, and a pandemic hiatus, it's back with two more seasons renewed for a 23rd and 24th taking place in a whole new kitchen in an entirely new region of the country.

Foxwoods Resort Casino via Facebook
Foxwoods Resort Casino via Facebook

While you can eat in Hell's Kitchen restaurants in L.A., Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington, D.C. in Gordon's mini-chain, one of his latest openings in the tiny town of Mashantucket, Connecticut in the Foxwoods Resort Casino. That's in the southeast corner of the state halfway between Hartford and Providence, Rhode Island and the new home for the show.

That's also the new home for the hit reality series where chefs from around the country face off with various challenges with at least one being eliminated each week. The winner receives a big cash prize as well as the role of executive chef in one of Gordon's restaurants.

According to the Hartford Courant the Connecticut Hell's Kitchen restaurant has been open since July 2023. Meanwhile, the set being built for Seasons 23 and 24 will be ready for filming sometime in April 2024.

By the way, if you want to compete then here you go.

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