Demi Lovato shared their condolences and outrage on Instagram Stories following the tragic death of a nonbinary teen who was being bullied at school in Oklahoma.

"I am devastated to hear about this... This is absolutely horrifying... RIP Nex," Lovato wrote in a Story sharing a post about the teen's death.

Nex Benedict, 16, died just one day after being violently attacked in a school bathroom on Feb. 7.

Their mother, Sue Benedict, told KJRH that her child loved animals and cooking and was a straight-A student.

The bathroom attack occurred at the Owasso High School West Campus.

"The facts relating to Nex’s death are not yet fully clear. The more we learn about Nex’s life, the more we come to know a wonderful child whose experience and identity mattered and was worth celebrating. Above all, Nex deserved to live a full life," Cherokee Nation principal chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said in a statement, per NBC News.

"It was cut tragically short. May Nex rest in peace," he added.

Benedict was not a citizen of the Cherokee nation, but lived on the Cherokee reservation near Tulsa, Okla.

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According to the outlet, Benedict's mother said her child had been experiencing brutal bullying at school due to their gender identity.

NBC reports the Owasso Police Department said it is unclear whether or not the bathroom attack is related to Benedict's death. An investigation is ongoing.

"We understand the importance of ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all students and know that the information below doesn’t change the facts that a fight occurred on school grounds and a student passed away the next day," Owasso Public Schools said in a statement.

The school district said the "fight" allegedly lasted less than two minutes and was broken up by other students and a staff member. The students were seen by the school nurse, and that "out of an abundance of caution," one student's parent was advised to take them for further medical examination.

A parent called the police to report the fight.

"We recognize the impact that this event has had on the entire school community, and it is our priority to foster an environment where everyone feels heard, supported, and safe," the school district added.

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