Country music's favorite Walmart yodeler, Mason Ramsey, is growing up and falling in love in a new heartfelt ballad, "Blue Over You."

The Illinois native's new single is full of nostalgia and emotion — the maturity of the lyrics showcase the growth of Ramsey as an artist.

Dan Fernandez and Ramsey co-wrote the bluesy tune, which was released by Atlantic Records and produced by Fernandez.

“There was a time, there was magic in the air / In my mind, there are memories everywhere / Of you and me together / I thought it would last forever / There was a time / Oh, there was a time,” the 17-year-old sings in the first verse.

The country crooner announced his new release on Instagram after teasing snippets of the single to his fans.

“I lost you, thought I had you / But you were never really mine / So I'm crying, yeah, I'm dying / You're not next to me tonight / And, if I could get that close / Oh, Heaven only knows / I wouldn't be blue over you / Blue over you,” Ramsey sings in the chorus. The "Blue Over You" lyrics showcase the hard work the 17-year-old has put into his music since he first rose to country music stardom.

Ramsey found viral fame at just 11 years old, yodeling in the aisles of Walmart. With more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 2.7 million followers on TikTok in 2024, he has held tight to his large following after his childhood fame.

Mason Ramsey's previous album, Twang, was released in 2019. It's not clear when another full-length project will arrive.

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