Keith Urban's collaboration with Lainey Wilson on "Go Home W U" evidently started with a simple text message over a year ago.

The "Messed Up as Me" singer asked Wilson to be a part of the song and even sent her a demo on April 21, 2023. He shared the exchange with fans on social media.

"Hey ya Lainey," he writes in the text. "It's Keith (Urban) here. Hope you're good. Would you be game to sing on a song of mine if it suited ya?!"

"I've been sitting on one for a while that I think you'd dig... and I'd love to hear you on," he continues. "It's be on the chorus... and various bits and pieces... a chill bar singalong vibe."

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Urban's text reads very respectful and polite, but also like he's not one of the biggest country singers on the planet. It's a true mark of humility that he asks her to consider being on the song, which speaks to his understanding that the song has to be right for both parties in order for it to work.

In other words, his request is super professional.

Wilson responded asking him to send her the song and thanked him for thinking of her.

Text exchange between Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson about the song "Go Home W U"

Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson's Collab on "Go Home W U" Started in 2023

As the date on the text message thread indicates, "Go Home W U" as we know it today started taking shape in April 2023. Apparently it didn't take long for Wilson to accept the offer and lay down her vocals for it. Urban told Taste of Country that he had been sitting on a duet for his new album since last summer.

"There's one duet on the record, which is going to come out later this year, that I'm super psyched about," he shared with Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul in March. "It's been frustrating, because we finished it in June last year."

"So I've been sitting on this thing since then, driving me crazy, just really wanting to get it out," he adds.

"Go Home W U" is available Friday, May 3.

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