We all know that there is money in Monmouth County, and according to a recent look at the richest zip codes in the Garden State, our suspicions have been confirmed.

While you may think that you'd like to have a little bit of a bigger piece of that pie of riches here in Monmouth County, that pie is apparently all around us here in our little piece of Jersey Shore paradise.

As it turns out, there may be more rich zip codes in Monmouth County then you thought there would be. Last year, Investopedia ranked the twenty five richest zips in Monmouth County, according to Investopedia..

Our county is well represented in that Top 25. As a matter of fact, we kick off the countdown at number 25 with the lovely town of Fair Haven, and that's just one of 5 Monmouth County representatives in the study.

Sea Girt is also in there at #15, Avon by the Sea is #14, Rumson is #11,  and Deal tops the list for the County and comes in at #4 overall on the list. And there is one Ocean County entry on the list as well. Can you guess it?

If you said Mantoloking, you get the prize. That beautiful town finished at #8 on the Top 25. And what about Brielle, Colts Neck and Spring Lake. They didn't make the list, which is based on median home price.

If those towns don't make the list, you know you're living in a pretty expensive county. There is no doubt we live in a very beautiful place and there is no lack of money in the area, especially in the towns that made the list.

For the record, the top 3 towns, from 3 to 1, are Stone Harbor, Short Hills and Alpine.

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