Are you enjoying the London 2012 Olympics?  Would you be enjoying them even more if you didn't know who was going to win before you watched them?

In an era of unprecedented media coverage, social media and people who just LOVE to break stories to anyone who will listen, news travels fast these days.  That being said, it's no surprise that the results of every Olympic event are instantly available for immediate consumption, despite not being aired on NBC until hours later.

If you are looking for the results, they are there.  If you are not looking for the results, they are there.  If you are going out of your way to avoid seeing the results, you better not go on anywhere near a computer, TV or crowd of people.  Your best bet is to stay inside your house and read a good book until prime time.

Despite the nuisance of spoilers, the Olympics have still been entertaining and have been getting huge ratings.  Gymnastics and swimming are the usual favorites, but volleyball, diving, water polo and handball have also been steady favorites on my TV.

Have the spoilers ruined your Olympic experience at all?

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