December is upon us at the Jersey Shore and the holiday bustle is in full swing. So, how much shopping have you done, and are you on pace with the rest of the Jersey Shore?

That is the exact question we attempted to answer in an informal survey we took over the past few days to see just how far along Jersey Shore residents are when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, here are the results we found...

Completely done shopping...21%

Three quarters done...16%

Half done...20%

One quarter done...11%

Didn't start yet...32%

So, the one that jumps out to me is the fact that nearly one third of us haven't even gotten started, and that 'didn't start yet' is the top answer at the Jersey Shore. That means that there's a lot of shopping to go, and a lot of people on line in front of you when you finally get started.

On the other hand, there are over one fifth of Jersey Shore residents who are completely done so that something, right? We hope this information makes you feel a little better about your progress this holiday season.

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