We live in one of the most amazing places on the east coast. We have gorgeous beaches, amazing boardwalks, fantastic restaurants and breathtaking parks and trails.

So our hidden gem must be something to do with those things. right? Wrong.Well wrong according to one publication. Cheapism has chosen a hidden gem in each state, and what they chose for the Garden State is, well, surprising.

First let's talk about what our hidden gem isn't.

Our hidden gem isn't a small, quiet, hidden piece of gorgeous, warm beach that hasn't been discovered by the tourist crowd just yet, although that does sound heavenly.

New Jersey's hidden gem is not a cozy, waterfront restaurant with awe inspiring views of the ocean and an amazing menu that includes fresh caught lobster. Although I'd make a reservation to that place right now.

The hidden gem in the Garden State in this article is not a stretch of stunning Jersey Shore boardwalk, complete with boardwalk food, fun for the kids and a beach that will make you fall in love with the Shore all over again.

And the hidden gem in our state is apparently not a a quiet shady, bird-filled trail that overlooks hills and trees that few people know about yet.

Those, in my mind would be hidden gems in New Jersey, but Cheapism went another route. They chose Cowtown Rodeo.

Cowtown Rodeo? In New Jersey? Yep, that's right. It's located in the town of Pilesgrove in Salem County. The place is actually pretty awesome. It's the oldest weekly rodeo in the U.S. And now the secret is out.

If rodeos are your thing, you've found your hidden gem. If the other things Mentioned above are more your speed, it looks like you'll have to find your own hidden gems.

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