Some people are all about pumpkin spice lattes. I say bring on the pumpkin beer!

There's more to the fall season than just pumpkin pies, pumpkin doughnuts and of course the coveted pumpkin spice latte. This is the time of year when they say the basic women put on their vests, leggings and Ugg boots to got an raid the local Starbucks.

What about the men? Can men appreciate a good pumpkin flavored drink as well?

I personally love pumpkin spice and I'm bummed that it's only available during a specific time of year.

The fall season is by far my favorite one. I love everything about it. At the top of the list is Halloween candy but right there with it is pumpkin flavoring.

I'm not really a big drinker. I wouldn't even consider myself a social drinker. I can go months without a beer. However, for some reason during the fall season I tend to drink a little more and I think the reason is because I like the taste of pumpkin flavored beers. I'm not the only man in this category. Men's Health created an entire list of the best pumpkin flavored beers for dudes to try during the fall season.

Do you enjoy pumpkin beers like Shipyard's, Blue Moons or Samuel Adams'?

My personal favorite pumpkin flavored beer is Pumpking and it's made from a brewery in Lakewood, New York.

Out of all of the seasonal beers that come out during the year is pumpkin spice beer the best tasting?

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