If you thought we we were some patriotic people here in New Jersey, one publication says you're sadly mistaken.

I think we're pretty patriotic here in the Garden State and maybe you do, too, but one publication says we are wrong about that. As a matter of fact, they say we are one of the least patriotic states in the nation.

Wallet Hub ranked each of the states in the nation on their patriotism based on 13 'indicators of patriotism', and our beloved Garden State wound up being ranked a lowly #49 in the country.

So what are some of these indicators? They include 'number of military enlistees' (we're #46 in this category), 'veterans per capita" (we're #49) and 'military engagement' (we come in at #49 there too).

I know how the numbers look, and you can't argue with the numbers, but I have to say a few things about New Jersey. In my opinion, we're a state that loves and appreciates our military and their sacrifices for us and I think we truly love our country, and I think that means a lot.

So, no matter what these results seem to say, I do think we are a patriotic place and I think many people who live in the Garden State would agree with me on that.

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