It's impossible not to root for this Jersey Guy!

If you've been watching season 4 of Netflix's The Circle, you've met John Franklin.  And if you haven't, you're about to!

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He's a New Jersey comedian who's hoping to win $150,000 with a catch: he's catfishing the other players by pretending to be his mom Carol.

As you could imagine, trying to convince a group of strangers you're someone else can be difficult - especially when you're trying to convince them you're your Mom!

John's done an incredible job of committing to "the role" of Jersey Momma Carol in the game.  He perfectly nails an NJ Mom's interests: wine and baking, to name a few, and musical tastes.

He's even willing to get uncomfortable to win the cash. One example is when he pretends to need marriage and love advice from another contestant who is an assistant to a sex coach, in order to win her trust.  Pretending to need intimate advice about your parent's marriage - talk about awkward!

I was lucky enough to sit down with John Franklin to chat about the above, why he thinks being from New Jersey gave him an advantage in the game, Momma Carol's relationship with his cast members, and his feelings about that cliffhanger the show left off on last week.

If you're not all caught up on The Circle, beware that a few spoilers for current episodes are discussed!

You can also tune in to 92.7 WOBM tomorrow, May 18th at 8 pm as John Franklin joins me!  New episodes of The Circle drop on Wednesdays on Netflix.

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