Quite often I will find myself driving around the Jersey Shore and looking about. Some days I will not see anything that catches my eye and some days I’ll see something that makes me ask the question “I wonder what the deal is here?”

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This week I spotted construction work at this former gas station on Hooper Avenue in Toms River. I am assuming the location was a former gas station, but I could be wrong.

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Shawn Michaels


So the question now is, is this location getting a facelift and being re-branded as a new gas station? or is the location being cleaned and cleared to become a totally new business? Furthermore what do you think would be a good business fit for this location? Do you miss having a service station there at this spot on Hooper Avenue in Toms River? Are you glad a new project is underway at this location on Hooper Avenue? Post your comments below 👇🏻 under the final photo gallery.


Shawn Michaels


We will continue to keep an eye on what’s happening here at the Jersey Shore and find out what is next for our neighborhoods. As always we appreciate YOUR input :)



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