Is there free coffee at Wawa one day next week and are tacos coming to everyone's favorite chain of convenience stores?

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Here's what we know and what we are speculating about.

Free Coffee?

It appears that Thursday, April 14th, 2022, is Wawa Day, one of the biggest holidays in the Garden State and the region. On Wawa Day, as they've done in years past, you will be able to get a free cup of coffee all day long. Any size!

And if you are wondering how much coffee Wawa gives away on Wawa Day, they estimate about two million cups. In one day. That's pretty incredible.

But What About Tacos?

A couple of months ago, I was heading home from work and I stopped by Wawa on the White Horse Pike in Pomona. As I was speed-ordering a hoagie at the kiosk (that should be an Olympic sport, by the way), I noticed there was a "street taco" option on the screen, but I didn't stop to take a look at it. After placing my order, I went back to the same kiosk and the taco option was gone.

Now, I was tired but I wasn't tired enough to be hallucinating about tacos at Wawa.

I even went back the next day and there was no taco option.

Perplexed, I looked all over the place for any bit of information that I could find about tacos coming to Wawa and I couldn't find a single reference.

That is until the other day when I found an entire Reddit thread about tacos and Wawa -- and one person even managed to get a picture of them on the kiosk (see, I wasn't hallucinating!).

It appears that a few stores have been quietly testing tacos over the past several weeks. One person posted:

My store tested these. They are pretty good. . . . They were available with dinner I’m assuming they will push them until 3am like the burgers.

Another person said,

Tacos - Coming to a Wawa near you 4/11

However, officially, there's nothing in writing from Wawa about either promotion.

Now, we've seen Wawa greatly expand its menu over the past couple of years. Pizza has recently rolled out, as have burgers, chicken sandwiches, and pasta, so street tacos seem to be the next logical step.

And if you are wondering what a "street taco" is compared to a regular taco, a street taco is one that you would get at a food truck compared to a fast-food restaurant. To me, a taco is a taco, but apparently, there is a little difference.

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