There are rarely things I eat that I think is so weird. 

These are two things that I think could never go together. It's a fruit and a candy and I don't mean a candy apple or sugar candy because that's not real fruit, a fruity candy.

So, I was at a friend's house and they say do you love cotton candy? Of course, I love the pink and maybe the blue. Do you love grapes? I do and I love them frozen usually. Purple or green seedless are perfect and in the summertime especially.

There is such a thing as cotton candy grapes? What? I never knew this. I tasted it and to my surprise, it was weird, not sure if I'd ever buy them but I scanned the barcode on the bag and found out information.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Did you ever hear of cotton candy grapes? From the barcode on the bag: They really do taste like cotton candy, so good your taste buds will not believe it. It's true, I tasted cotton candy while eating a sweet grape, it was weird but I definitely tasted cotton candy as I bit into a grape. These grapes were green, by the way.

More from the barcode on the bag, these cotton candy grapes are available the months of April, May, June, and July. They're available in certain grocery stores but I've never seen them in stores. And, how to store the grapes and how to select the grapes to get that perfect taste. They have to be plump and a good consistent color.

Maybe, mine wasn't plump enough. I love cotton candy and I love grapes but I think I'll keep them separate.

Did you try these?

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