It brings me right back to childhood, pedal boats. I love them so much.

It's an awesome afternoon with the family. Kids of all ages will love these pedal boats. They have flamingos and different colored swans. I believe they have white, yellow, and pink, I believe. I just love these padel boats. They are great exercise, too.

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Asbury Park Pedal Boats are now open for the season on the weekends only. Asbury Park Pedal Boats are located on Lake Avenue, right on the right, off Rt. 71 and Main Street. The padel boats move on Wesley Lake which separates Asbury Park from Ocean Grove. It's absolutely a beautiful spot at the Jersey Shore. They're located right between Heck Street and Grand Avenue, you'll see Wesley Lake.

If you're unfamiliar with a pedal boat, it's just that. Pedal boats have pedals inside the boats and everyone taking a ride pedals to make the boat move.

Asbury Park Pedal Boats are open Friday's 1 pm - 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday's 11 am - dusk. These are their spring hours. They get pretty crowded on the weekends, call and possibly reserve a couple if need. Their phone number is 732-228-0466 or email with any questions to

Here are some great ideas to possibly rent these pedal boats - birthday parties, family reunions, wedding pictures, and more ideas to make great memories that no one will forget. They are centrally located between the beach and both Asbury Park and Ocean Grove downtowns. Everything is just a walk – only minutes away from restaurants, cafes, shops, boardwalks, and beaches.

You will love these pedal boats, enjoy.

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