I am partially writing this article to make sure that it is still July, and I didn't slip into a coma, and it isn't December… I witnessed one of the most interesting things while driving in Toms River on Friday afternoon. It was so wild and crazy that I had to turn my car around and go past the area again to make sure that my eyes didn't deceive me.

Let me first preface this by saying that I will, under no circumstances, give the area or address of the home that I saw this happening to protect the privacy of the people who live there. I will tell you that it happened in the South Toms River area.

While I was on my way to work on Friday afternoon, I was driving through a residential area when I stopped at a stop sign and glanced to my right and saw a man putting up (what looked to be) Christmas lights — yes — Christmas lights in the middle of July.

I wiped my eyes — and I swear that when I rubbed them, it made the sound from the cartoons — I was so mesmerized by what was happening that I was apparently at the stop sign for too long that the driver behind me honked because I was taking too long to move.

I made it a point to drive around the block again — and yes, here this older man was — on a latter — putting what looked to be Christmas lights up on his home.

I have NO problem if these were Christmas lights… I love Christmas! — but in JULY?!? Again, no problem with them being up... but don't you think its a little early? I mean jeez, we didn't even get past the 2020 socially distanced pumpkin spice craze yet.

So Merry Christmas, Ocean County -- I guess.

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