I am sick and tired of so many things that I could not list them in the space I have.  However here are some:

  • I’m tired of those who believe their opinions are more important than others.
  • I’m tired of hearing and reading about gun violence every single day.
  • I’m tired of those who complain about everything and offer nothing.
  • I’m tired of politicians who once they get elected forget about serving the people but rather taking care of themselves.
  • I’m tired of those who have no respect for tradition.
  • I’m tired of those who have never contributed in a positive way to their neighborhood, community, school or basically anything.
  • I’m tired of those who drive like they own the roadways and put others at risk.
  • I’m tired of those who have no concept or understanding that it is others of past generations who sacrificed in many cases for what they have today.
  • I’m tired of parents who don’t take care of their children.
  • I’m tired of children who don’t show respect for their parents.
  • I’m tired of those who don’t lift others up but rather look to tear them down.
  • I’m tired of mean people.
  • I’m tired of those who believe they have the answer to everything…nobody does.
  • I’m tired of colleges charging insane amounts of money for the price of an education that in many cases take students decades to pay off.
  • I’m tired of celebrities who believe their status gives them a forum to have opinions on important topics that they know nothing about.
  • I’m tired of lazy people who leave their shopping carts in parking lots instead of walking 50 feet.
  • I’m tired of my alarm clock going off somewhere between 3:19-3:39 every weekday morning.
  • I’m tired of waiting to win the Pick-6. My guess is I will hit it around the same time I say goodbye for good.

Most of all I am sick and tired of being sick and tired


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