UPDATE: Howell Police have released an update stating that the occupants of the vehicle they pulled over on Saturday have been released from the scene and that no charges will be filed.

"At this point we believe the caller either embellished of fictiously reported this incident after seeing the occupants loading the gun cases into the vehicle," Howell Police said in a statement.

Police said that the firearms were properly secured and the owner had legal possession of the weapons which were in the rear cargo container area of the minivan they were driving.

The occupants of the vehicle were on their way to the gun range at the time they were pulled over, police said, and pulled into the library parking lot to drop one of their passengers out of the vehicle.

However, the investigation is not over.

"We have now turned our investigation towards the caller for possible criminal conduct," Howell Police said.

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Howell Police have made arrests outside of the library where they detained multiple individuals after pulling over a vehicle where the occupants were allegedly waving a gun out the window on Saturday.

Police are currently on scene at the library after a felony stop was conducted on the suspected vehicle.

Officers said that the incident originated in the Point O Woods development off of Bergerville Road.

That's where a patrol unit located the vehicle driving near the reservoir and conducted the stop.

Police Officers located the guns which were secured in locked cases.

Those inside the vehicle have been detained and police say that the scene is secure.

Further information has not yet been released as Howell Police continue their investigation.

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