Allaire State Park in Wall Township has always had a rich history in the Garden State. Many people come every year to ride their historic train and visit their historic village.

You can also hike, bike, fish, and camp at the park. It's no wonder Allaire State Park is a popular destination for those all over New Jersey, as well as our neighboring states.

But a few years ago, something mysterious started happening. Those on Allaire's hiking and biking trails started noticing strange formations created by sticks and twine. Those who wanted to explore more were shocked to learn that there were dinosaurs out there, but nobody knew where they came from or who created them. A few years later, we have our answer.

I recently went to find these dinosaurs with my family, and what an adventure it was. Not only did we eventually find them, but we also met the very person who was responsible for these incredible works of art.

Dinosaurs at Allaire State Park
Mike Brant - Townsquare Media

Check out our trip below of how we found them, as well as what we learned from the creator herself.

It's a dino-venture! How to find and explore Allaire State Park's majestic dinosaurs

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