A recent study evaluated 23 key metrics to determine 2018's best states for women. How Did New Jersey do?

The research was performed by the personal finance website wallethub.com and many key factors were considered in their process, including women's preventative health and median wages.

So how did the Garden State do? The good news is we are among the top one third of the state in the nation, but the bad news is there are 15 states that rank ahead of us.

One of the highlight of the findings for New Jersey is that we rank 6th in America in the category "Women's Health & Safety". We did, however, only land in 18th place for "Women's Economic and Social Well Being".

The Garden State did not finish in the top (or bottom) 5 in 9 other categories that were evaluated. You can check out the results in those categories at wallethub.com.

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