If you're heading to the shore this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for this slippery little suckers.

Recently there's been an uptick in sightings of a rare jellyfish that pack an awfully painful punch. Experts are warning beachgoers to keep their eyes peeled and to keep their distance if they see one.

Photo by Jane Ta on Unsplash
Photo by Jane Ta on Unsplash
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It's called the Mauve jellyfish aka "mauve stingers", and normally, they're more likely to be seen further out in the deep seas. They're a pretty pinkish purplish color, more native to the Mediterranean waters. They're also bioluminescent, sometimes giving off a glow at nightime, according to their Wiki page.

Mauve stingers live and thrive in warm water, so experts believe that since the Jersey shore water's been warmer than usual, this may be a reason as to why they're being spotted, especially in Ocean and Monmouth counties.

How worried should I be about the Mauve Jellyfish?

They're not lethal, but again, you do NOT want to touch these things. Although they're very pretty, they can give you possibly one of the worst stings you've ever exprienced. So keep and eye out on your curious kids when they get in the water. If it looks like they see something intriguing, you better stop them and get a closer look yourself.

Here's a cool informative video about the mauve stingers. They're actually pretty cool. From a distance!

Have you had any run-ins with these pretty, but painful creatures? Let us know where!

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