We continue to hear about the current baby formula shortage around the nation and here in New Jersey. Parents are finding it hard to find the various brands of formula. There is growing concern that this shortage may get worse before better.


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According to a Huffington Post article, "President Joe Biden on Thursday announced several actions his administration is taking to help alleviate an alarming shortage of infant formula that has left desperate parents searching for food across the country."

Among the announcements, "the White House announced it would ask state governments to provide more flexibility to the WIC program, which provides formula for poor families; would move to import more baby formula, and would ask the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general to crack down on any price gouging surrounding formula."

Today I was in a local store and below is a look at the status on shelves here in Ocean County. As you can see it is pretty slim pickings.



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



I also noticed there was less regular baby food as well. Seems like the whole baby section seemed depleted. Definitely something of concern for new parents with infants.

We asked you at home what you think of the baby formula shortage and if you had any advice or info for other parents.

Nikki: It's pretty disgusting that this even has to be a topic of discussion in 2022 in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ...

Joe: Back when I was a baby they used condensed milk

Dawn: My daughter had a hard time with my grandson but thank God he’s on regular milk now.

Martha: Thank God my daughter breastfeeds. Baby #2 is due in June

Dennis: Is ridiculous they're creating a demand stocks go low people buy then demand is met selling a lot of products raising stocks then stockholders on peak sell stocks before the supernova hits and make their money abundant. now we all know there trying to push electric cars on us Americans China builds the cars and stockholders in the batteries and charging units are buying n g up all the stocks in batteries .locking up oil reserves pipelines, increasing the gas tax, and prices I believe they're getting back the stimulus money they gave everyone. nothing is ever free except God's love.be aware of ongoing. and the Ukrainian war has nothing to do with our increased fuel prices. as big media says.

Betsy: As a grandparent. It sucks!!

Mindy: It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS!

Marianne: No need for most of the s$&^ that’s been happening for the past year and a half... but they surely have sunk to a new low... disgusting


As always if you have any health-related questions, consult your doctor and/or pediatrician.



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