A food that is pretty much a foodie fan favorite is tacos 🌮 Tacos is a fun food that's great at home, at a restaurant or from a food truck. To me personally, I’d rather have a taco then a slice of chocolate cake. Give me the meat, veggies and cheese over sugar any day. But that's my personal opinion. Take a look at the Top 10 taco shops as rated by YELP, but please share your own comments.


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It's the best tacos in Ocean County! Some great suggestions for you and your family to enjoy right here in Ocean County.

One of the big debates, well not really but we have to throw this out there, is whether you prefer soft or hard tacos 🌮. Everyone has their favorite but both are delicious.

For me, my favorite is a soft taco with lots of veggies including lettuce, tomato, avocado, olives, onion, and fresh ground beef. Add in some spicy taco sauce and you have my favorite taco. If I had to say my 3 very ingredients are avocado, onion and black olives. So enjoy and check out some of the best spots here in Ocean County today to stop by for a great taco.

Post your comments below and let us know your favorite taco spot here in Ocean County :)

Best Tacos in Ocean County

Best Taco Shops According to YELP


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