So can I assume on Sunday there will be a lot of husbands getting around to that “honey do list?”  It is the first Sunday since early September without football unless you count the Pro Bowl which nobody does by the way.  Of course you can put it off for a couple of weeks because after the Super Bowl your Sundays are wide open.

While many are dismissing the Brian Flores as nothing more than a disgruntled and shunned football coach I am not.  Whether the Giants had already hired someone else before they interviewed Flores for their head coaching position is something we may never know but the NFL does have a problem.  Commissioner Roger Goodell can shout all he wants about racial equality and owners can put stickers on helmets that read “Stop Hate” and “End Racism” but when 70% of your players are black and there’s only one black head coach it comes across as nothing more than hypocrisy.

So when I first heard that Hulu and Disney Plus were going to stream an 8-episode series about the relationship between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee I could not have had less interest.  However the trailer and several reviews have me looking forward to watching soon.  By the way I’ve heard that Seth Rogan is tremendous as one of the characters who leaked the couple’s famous sex tape.  I would guess this biopic is not for children.

Next week is the final week for high school basketball teams to boost their resume before the Shore Conference Tournament is seeded on Sunday, February 13.  On the boys side of things it appears to be wide open although I would make Marlboro the favorite right now while the St. John Vianney girls are about as big a favorite as you can be…after all they are a consensus top five team in the nation.

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