We have a lot of lost time to make up for this Summer so who is ready to get started?

One of the biggest staples of Summer at the Jersey Shore are those fireworks...especially when they are on the beach!

Seaside Heights and Jenkinson's have already announced that their annual fireworks extravaganza will return in 2021 and I could not be more excited.

But....this topic also brings up another common debate that is discussed this time of year.

During the "in" season, I hear the loud firework booms from miles away, multiple times per week. This means that this time of year can be an anxious-filled, miserable time for some.

I came across an article that revealed that there are "sound reduced" and even "silent" fireworks out there that certain areas of the world are already using.

And these silent fireworks are not as uncommon as you would think. They are used in conjunction with those loud fireworks for a lot of displays for an added visual component.

But do we really need the sound for us to enjoy watching fireworks?

I don't think so and here is why I think we need to bring these silent fireworks to the Jersey Shore.

This is Atticus - xoxo
This is Atticus - xoxo

There are animals, veterans who have PTSD and other people with low tolerances for loud noises who get seriously scared and disturbed by fireworks.

For example, one of our dogs named Atticus has anxiety attacks, shakes incessantly and can't really move when fireworks are going off. It is tough to watch so it is a tough season in our household.

On Fourth of July....forget about it. He is miserable and usually doesn't eat all day long. It's so sad.

Keep in mind that a dog's hearing is 4 times stronger than a person who has regular hearing capabilities. It has been theorized that dogs get so scared because their heightened sense of hearing makes the fireworks sound like bombs or explosives -- aka the end of the world.

As far as our veterans, these are the people who put themselves in harms way to keep us safe. I think the least we can do is use firework alternatives so we don't unnecessarily trigger their horrific memories.

I will never know or understand what our veterans experienced but I have seen a veteran react to fireworks first hand.

He jumped under a nearby table, his hands covered his head and face and then once he realized that the sound was only fireworks, he was able to slowly come out of his panic attack.

Some people will say: "Oh, it's not the same!!"

Okay...maybe it won't be EXACTLY the same but the big thing needed in a situation like this is empathy.
Sometimes it is not about putting your wants before other people's struggles and feelings.
So......to SILENT FIREWORKS! Shhhhh...
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