I love history and I love food, so this is a perfect combination for me and possibly you as well. New Jersey has a deep history and I love to find and share different bits of New Jersey history for you.

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Now if you can combine food and history, now you are talking about a winning combination. I recently came across an article by Delish and it showed some of the oldest restaurants in America and the oldest restaurant in New Jersey.

Delish highlighted a restaurant in Middlesex County as the oldest here in the Garden State. The Cranbury Inn was described as our oldest eatery. They said “This gorgeous inn located in Cranbury, NJ, was established in the mid-1700s, and still boasts decor from the colonial days. Two stagecoach taverns, built in the 1800s by the innkeeper, still stand—along with the main dining room, where quality steak and seafood are served to guests.”

So the question is have you ever eaten at this historic site? According to the Cranbury Inn website the restaurant was founded in the the 1750’s making it nearly 272 years old. If you did dine at the Cranbury Inn let us know your review and post your comments below. “Authentic colonial firearms are displayed around the room intermingled with antique clocks and old lithographs as well as recently done oils and watercolors.”

There is a complete “history” page on the Cranbury Inn website and you can read about the extensive history that this restaurant has and events that have occurred around this building. Like I said earlier in my article, when you can combine history and food you have a winner.

Now you know a bit more about New Jersey’s oldest continuous use restaurant, one of the oldest in the United States.

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