So, exactly how smart are we at the Jersey Shore. Well, I think we're pretty smart, but that isn't exactly scientific. So what does the science say?

That is exactly the question we researched and found out that we are smarter than most people think we are, but not as smart as we think are. And if you were able to follow that last sentence, you're definitely smarter than I think I am.

We are actually just outside the top 20% of smart states based on IQ, according to Zippia. The state as a whole ranks as the 11th highest state for average IQ. That's pretty impressive.

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But it got me thinking. If we're so smart, and we apparently are, why can't we get an acceptable answer to the following 5 questions?

Why can't a group of adults with years of driving experience figure out how to negotiate a traffic circle?

Why can't we all remember that the left lane is the fast/passing lane?

Why do we willingly pay top dollar for absolutely everything?

Why can't the high IQ person in the car in front of me tell the difference between a red light and a green one?

Why do we have thousands of words in our vocabulary, but our middle finger does most of our communicating?

Actually we do kind of know the answers to some of them, especially the finger one, but you get my point. Anyway, congratulations for the #11 ranking. That is pretty impressive. I actually think we're much smarter than than ranking. Add common sense, and I think we shoot to the top.

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