We are certainly accustomed to some weird things here in New Jersey, and when it comes to the weirdest town name in the Garden State, you'd think we'd be able to guess it. We bet you can't.

There are some weird town names all over the country and some states have really good ones. Check out some examples, according to Apartment Therapy...

Jackpot, Nevada

Frankenstein, Missouri

Boring, Oregon

Toad Suck, Arkansas

Mosquitoville, Vermont

Why Not, North Carolia

Keeping with that theme you would think New Jersey must have a few clever names that say something about the Garden State. Here are a couple of names I thought of. These towns don't exist, but probably should.

Taxes, New Jersey

Crowded, New Jeresy

Middle Finger, New Jersey

Tailgatetown, New Jersey

Attitudeville, New Jersey

Since none of those exist, we're going to have to settle for the Apartment Therapy choice for strangest town name in New Jersey, and that title belongs to Foul Rift. What now? Have you ever heard of Foul Rift? Me either.

Foul Rift is a town in Warren County that is named after some rapids. There is a good  story about it at nj.com, and it looks like the town is basically shut down.

So, our strangest town name is a town most people haven't heard of and doesn't really exist anymore. That sounds about right for New Jersey.

I bet if there was a Middle Finger NJ it would be awesome. Lots of beautiful houses, a nice coffee house called "You Talkin' To Me?" right next to the Middle Finger Post Office and one traffic light in the center of town  where people can beep at each other when they don't instantly react to the light turning green.

Then the driver of the first car can glare in the rear view mirror at the driver who beeped and give him the...well, you know. After all, it is Middle Finger, NJ!

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