I'm starting to wonder if our reputation here in New Jersey has made its way all the way to Tinsel Town. We wanted to put a list together of all the New Jersey celebrities who make those 'Nicest People in Hollywood" lists. we checked a lot of those lists, and do you know how many Garden State actors we found? Exactly one.

Vincentas Liskauskas Unsplash
Vincentas Liskauskas Unsplash

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Now we know that a New Jersey actor gets close to the top of the list when it comes to being one of the toughest people in Hollywood to work with, so we didn't expect to see Bruce Willis on this list.

But we do have a lot of nice people from New Jersey who became celebrities...don't we? Well, according to the lists we uncovered, the answer to that is evidently no. if you're looking at the top 25 there is hardly a New Jersey star to be found.

But, we did find one. And he's an actor we really love. He's best known for a huge cable TV series that had all of our eyes glued to the TV except when we were scanning the skies for huge fire breathing dragons.

So Peter Dinklage is the New Jersey star we found on a "nicest" list. Well, at least one of the lists. He didn't make the top 10 or anything, but at least he made the list, so we'll take it.

Peter Dinklage
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

The list was published by Buzz Mag and Peter Dinklage came in at #23, and it was on a list of the Top 24 , so he's in by the skin of his teeth. The reason for the honor? They say that he's really nice to his fans, and that's about the highest compliment that can be paid.

So congratulations to Peter Dinklage for representing New Jersey, and being the only one. I think it's more about New Jersey's reputation than anything else. We should have had more Garden State names on these lists.

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