Well hello! 

Did you eat yet? Are you hungry? Do you enjoy seafood? YOU HAVEN'T TRIED SEAFOOD?! 

Okay...okay....okay.....deep breathes everyone!

*End Scene*

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Yes....this conversation has happened with many friends and family members of mine and it happens a lot more often than you would think.

But now that I live down at the Jersey Shore -- aka where the seafood is the freshest because we live ON the ocean -- I make a point to show all my friends and family what we have to offer when it comes to seafood.

....and no, I don't mean chicken fingers.

So we have told you where the best seafood restaurants are at the Jersey Shore, but not necessarily what you should order.

I mean....if someone has no knowledge about seafood, how on earth would they know what to ask for?

Welll....*POOF*.....here is the perfect guide to use to get started.

If you are already into seafood, use this guide as a checklist for all the dishes you should try during the Summer season so you can make the most of your Jersey Shore visit.

Not to mention....did I miss any of the major ones?

Now real quick: a lot of these foods can be ingredients for other common seafood dishes or will be commonly mixed and matched.

For example, shrimp is listed below but that one food item can be used to make shrimp cocktail, a shrimp sandwich or shrimp scampi over linguini etc.

So browse this list to get started and just go with it....you will be surprised how much your food world is about to open up.

Enjoy the ride...and grab a napkin.

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