Most of us love our booze and all of us love money.  Did you know all the real money is in booze?  True story.  Celebrities know this all too well and that's why so many of them are getting onboard with buying their own booze brand.  I bet you didn't know that some of the celebs on the list were even behind these bottles.


What is your favorite cocktail?  A dirty martini? A cosmo? Bloody Mary?  Whatever your drink, chances are a celebrity is now behind it. It is estimated that Bethenny Frankel made $120 million dollars on Skinnygirl.  She is not alone.  George Clooney turned his tequila line called Casamigos into a one BILLION dollar industry.  My favorite Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul teamed up to make a Mezcal tequila called Dos Hombres and they are already rolling in it.

Here is a list of all the celebrities you never knew had their own alcohol brand (but you've probably been drinking all along).

Nick Jonas

Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Liquor Brands

What do you think?  Want to get famous with me and invest in some liquid gold?  It used to be that real estate was the place to put your money, now the smart money is down someone's throat on a Friday night.

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