I have to say that I am not a fan of the stores that put out Christmas decorations in September. CVS, you know I am talking about you and you are not alone. At the same time I am about to do something similar as I share some of the top toys, under $50, of 2021 in advance of the holiday season but I have a good reason.

Earlier this week I reported that we are seeing more and more empty shelves in our Capital Region stores and it's not just toilet paper. We are seeing fewer products at the liquor stores, department stores and grocery stores due to supply chains being clogged and this could last a while. Holiday shopping could be sparse unless you plan ahead!

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Here is your chance to see some of the top toys for 2021, according to Walmart. You can count on this list as it's the "Top Rated by Kids" list! Who would know better than them? So before you head over to the biggest Walmart Superstore in the United States in Albany or any of the 110 Walmart locations in New York, take a look at some of the top toys, under $50, for 2021.

Top Toys Under $50 for 2021

Here are some of the top toys of 2021

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