Have you ever been in the produce section of the food store and weren't sure what you were looking at?  Enjoy these Helpful Hints that break down some unusual fruits.

  • Pepino melons - cultivated in South America this fruit tastes like melon crossed with cucumbers; loaded with vitamin K, which is good for your bones
  • Kiwano melons - this spiky African fruit combines the flavors of cucumber, banana and lemon; also called the "horned melon" you can slice and eat this fruit raw
  • Bitter melons - this Asian fruit can help to ward off diabetes

You can get the full breakdown of these unusual produce items from the June 11, 2012 issue of Woman's World Magazine.

Have You Ever Tried Any Of These Fruits?  Do You Know Of Any Other Unusual Produce Items That Are Tasty or Have Hidden Benefits?

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