Helpful Hint of the day :

This one I've been using for years, if you are like me the eggs in the fridge don't get used that much. So, even tho there is a long expiration date on them and it's not there yet I'm still leery so here's a sure fire way to know how fresh they really are.

1st. fill a large pot with water

2nd. take your eggs and carefully place them in the water

Now here's where the true test comes in: If the egg stays on the bottom it's fresh as a daisy. If the egg looks like it wants to come up and sorta sitting on it's edge, it's still ok but not as fresh as you'd like it to be (Best for baking). Lastly if that baby floats to the top, toss it. Well, don't toss it it'll make a huge mess, dispose of it properly.

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