These are extremely tough times for so many in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, and that's why Fulfill wants you to adopt a family during this crisis.

It's easy to do and it's a great way to help our neighbors in this time of need. One thing the Jersey Shore is known for is coming together during a crisis to help those in our area who find themselves in need.

So, here's all you need to do to adopt a family through Fulfill NJ...

Get to the Fulfill website and adopt a family. A $30 donation funds a 4 day Crisis Relief Box for a family of 4. You can fund one or several pre-packaged boxes of food to help a family in need.

You can even create your own menu and shop for the food right on their website. Or if you'd like, you can make a cash donation. Fulfill can really make those cash donations go a long way to help those in need.

Fulfill has a goal of $100,000, and they are almost there. At last check, they have raised almost $81,000. So you can help them help families in need in Monmouth & Ocean Counties and reach that important goal.

Fulfill also needs volunteers to help prepare the Crisis Relief boxes, so that is an additional way you can lend your support to this great organization. Get all the details at the Fulfill NJ website, and thank you for help.

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