David and Kate Ganz are devoted teachers from Eatontown and parents to two young daughters, Teagan and Emerson. Their newborn son is fighting for his life.

Late last summer, the couple were thrilled to learn that they were pregnant with a baby boy! This was a high-risk pregnancy, and because it occurred in the middle of a pandemic, Mom Kate was in and out of the hospital. A testament to the love of her students in the Neptune Public School District, Kate still taught virtually from her hospital bed. Her husband David also continued to teach at a charter school in Asbury Park.

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Sadly, despite following doctors' orders, she was diagnosed at 23 weeks with placental abruption, a potentially life-threatening condition for both mom and baby. Kate underwent intense treatment to save the baby’s life.

In what some would call a miracle, Kennedy Robert Ganz was born on January 27, 2021, at only 24 weeks and 3 days. At birth, Kennedy weighed just 800 grams and measured a tiny 31.5 centimeters in length.

Mom and baby are holding steady, but Kennedy has a long road ahead of him with potential lifelong health conditions.

Some may say that many will encounter tragedies and hardships in their lifetimes, why is this any different? The Ganz’s are not "coasting." They working their butts off to pay medical bills and mounting expenses to keep their son alive.

Kate never stopped working as a teacher throughout this entire ordeal. Before her pregnancy, both she and her husband David worked a second full-time job at Trader Joe's. Due to their son's condition and the ongoing threat of COVID-19, neither David nor Kate can work at Trader Joe’s.

What I love about the Jersey Shore the most is our sense of community. We are able to rally behind our neighbors who really need our help. Think about all of the children that Kate and David have taught, nurtured, mentored, and protected as dedicated teachers.

Let's do what we can for their son as a thank you for all of the young lives they shape every day.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for, not by, the Ganz's. There you can get more information, and hopefully donate whatever you can.

Let's lift this family up, together, as a community.

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