There are heroes in New Jersey and throughout the Jersey Shore. I love highlighting the amazing people that impact our community in a positive way. There are few examples greater than the work these men and women do...and they need YOUR help.

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Credit: James Murray Bayville Volunteer Fire Company
Credit: James Murray Bayville Volunteer Fire Company

My boys, and many little boys and girls, get a real kick out of seeing a fire truck and/or dream of being a firefighter. While most will not follow the path, we all realize from a young age how valuable and important these men and women are to our community. They save lives. They are heroes.

500 plus times every year, the Bayville Fire Company assists citizens in need. These range from things like medical emergencies and all the way to fires. This amazing organization also assists other fire departments throughout our area.  As Bayville Volunteer Fire Company member James Murray tells me, "The company is one of a very select few in the county with an accredited and specialized team of firefighters specifically trained and called upon to rescue down and injured firefighters across the county in residential and commercial fires also know as a FAST Team (Firefighter Assist and Search Team)."

Their team is 55 members strong and I urge you to celebrate with them this Wednesday night (June 23rd, 2021) at Veterans Park in Bayville. In 1946, the organization was founded.  They moved to their current building in 1960, and have helped countless citizens over the past 75 years. There will be a great summer concert and fireworks for the family. Of course, your support and financial donation are always greatly appreciated. Murray gives us strong insight on how the funding works, "The fire dept suppression needs are funded through the Berkeley Twp budget however the buildings, utilities, uniforms, and membership needs rely solely on the donations and loyal support of our residents which we are very thankful for."

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